Online Marketing For Roofers

Are you feeling the need to elevate your roofing business? Then this guide is definitely for you.

Here we will talk about some marketing tactics that work for all roofers in winning more leads, no matter how small or large your business is.

Online Marketing Tactics For Roofers

The roofing marketing tactics we will present to you are trusted by experts worldwide. You can consider these as a general underline, which can make your other marketing strategies more effective than they have ever been before. Here is what we will explain in this guide to give you an overview.

  • Make Sure Your Roofing Website Represents Your Business
  • Focus On Local SEO
  • Utilize The PPC Clicks
  • Social Media Marketing & Advertising
  • Put Efforts into Marketing Your Roofing Services
  • Content Marketing
  • Trust Email Marketing

All of these strategies serve their benefits, and if you employ them correctly, the success of your business is inevitable. Also, most of these strategies can be used alone or together.

But it depends on how much budget, time, and exposure in the market you already have. All these marketing strategies will take your business to the next heights, relying on your in-house team or your marketing partner.

With this in mind, let’s explore the tactics around your roofing marketing.

Make Sure Your Website is Representing Your Roofing Business Well

Between 80 and 90 percent of homeowners prefer to conduct an online search before making a major purchase. Nearly 60% of these searches come from mobile devices, so regardless of how a potential customer finds you, they will visit your company website at some point.

An old, awkward website that looks bad on the phone does not appeal to potential clients and may discourage them from learning about your business.

As mobile screens are comparatively smaller than those on a desktop or pc, an unappealing website makes it hard for the user to read the text and navigate properly. Most users don’t wait long, so they will lose interest in your website in a very short time.

The less time they spend on your website, the more negatively it will impact your website in Google rankings.

Due to the high use of mobile devices, Google prefers them over desktop or laptop devices, which is why it launched its Mobile-First Indexing update. This update will favor the websites providing a good experience to their clients.

Consider this, if your website is outdated or hasn’t been updated in a while: your business stands more chances of losing your potential customers as they will only work with you if they think you are the best. This brings us to the next important topic of the discussion: redesigning your website.

Tip- Redesign If Necessary

You should consider redesigning or creating an entirely new website for your business if you think you are not getting the leads. You might want to redesign your website. It is one of the best low-cost ways to get more leads and conversion rates.

Here’s another truth: Creating a good website may cost you more. However, the return you’ll get will eclipse the up-front cost. Considering the consequences before making any changes to your website will help.

Most of the time, changes in your website result in positive output. Still, the outcome depends on how effectively the developer has changed the website according to the latest technologies and trends. If the redesign is not done well, you may waste your money, lose all the previous SEO work and spend extra to reverse the damage done.

Focus On Local SEO

Local SEO content is a fantastic technique to drive local traffic to your website. It increases awareness of the event and makes your company more well-known.

You can attract more customers by localizing your website. And also, to get more leads and conversion rates, you have to use a local SEO approach.

You can make the focus of your local strategy your Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) entry. You want to optimize your listing and claim it if you’re going to attract nearby customers to your business.

Once you claim your Google Business Profile listing, you can begin updating and optimizing your GBP profile. However, local SEO optimization takes a lot of effort, so it will be a wise decision if you hire a roofing marketing expert or a company to do the job for you.

Utilize The PPC Clicks

Pay-per-click advertising is another way to get more traffic and leads on your website. It allows roofing contractors anywhere to be visible on google searches right away.
You can consider it a type of internet marketing and advertising.

As an advertiser, you will display ads in the search results and on different websites and pay an expense each time one of their ads is clicked.

It is a type of paid marketing, so you have to lose your wallet to get leads through it. The cost of PPC ads can run anywhere from $0.05 to upwards of $50.00 on competitive keywords.

Your paid ads receive 65% of all clicks for high commercial intent searches. The biggest benefits of PPC advertising are that you can control visibility and relevance.

Traditional advertising interrupts people that may or may not be interested in the market for roofing services. But you can cut this off with pay-per-click advertising. It only puts your message or ad in front of people actively interested in it or ready to make a buying decision.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

According to market estimates, over 3 billion people actively use social media platforms daily, which leaves it no secret that social media has taken hold of your lives.

According to the statistics, the average person will spend at least two hours collectively on social media platforms.

Also, social media platforms have massive powers to influence their users’ behaviors. You can use the power of social media to promote your business. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are some of the most popular platforms.

Sharing photos, publishing content related to your business, and customer testimonials to showcase your expertise to your client.

  • Being visible on social media advertising helps you generate more leads and traffic and book more jobs for your business. Lead generations can be a crucial advantage for your roofing business to expand or promote.
  • Plus, social media helps your business to build a vital online reputation. Over time the customers’ behavior has changed. Now they prefer to look for everything online before approaching a seller.

Put Efforts Into Marketing Your Roofing Services

78% of roofing professionals genuinely believe that the growth and expansion of roofing sales will continue to increase in 2023.

So, your business can gain exposure by creating innovative roofing marketing ideas and applying them where relevant. Roofing marketing can help you reach more customers and grow your business.

It offers excellent ways for your business owners to build their exposure in their target market and attract more leads. Once implemented successfully, you will increase your visibility among the target customers and eventually receive more sales.

Other things that your overall marketing strategies can give, whether email marketing or PPC, will solidify your brand. It will help you create more trusting relations with your clients for long-term relations.

Content Marketing

“Content is the king” is one of the most specific elements that lead to your business success. For roofing companies, there are a lot of ways to market your business. When you are a roofing company, there are many ways to market your business through content marketing.

Content marketing is a broad term encompassing many different types of content like blogs, articles, guest posts, youtube videos, podcasts, and more. You can provide valuable data directly to your clients with the right content.

But, here is an effective approach: through your content, try to solve the problems for your users. Answer them accurately. It will successfully build a strong connection between you and your client.

For example, your client might be looking to find the best roofing companies near them. So, it will be best for you to answer the curiosity using any content methods, such as a youtube video or a blog.

Content provides a great way to build trust and relationships with potential customers. It can turn to you as an extremely powerful tool if you use it right.

Trust Email Marketing

If email marketing isn’t a part of your roofing company’s marketing plan, you need to change your plan. Roofing email marketing helps your clients connect with current roofing prospects or build your contacts database.

Take help from the gated content that website visitors can only view after providing their contact information if you’re running low on roofing leads. Ensure that your audience takes benefits from whatever lead-generating content you create. You can also offer downloadable content such as blogs, articles, or infographics.

You conceal the full authority to determine the information you put on your website. Ensure that you have well-formatted the information your visitors will receive in the downloads. Give them fewer entries and more information to make your marketing more effective.


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Related FAQs

How can I promote my roofing business?

Promoting the roofing business is just like promoting any other business. You can take help from basic marketing strategies like content, social media, and email marketing to kick-start promoting your business.

These three will help you stabilize the visibility among your clients. Further, you can move to more advanced marketing strategies like PPC and Google Ads. However, you can do it all along, especially starting from Zero.

You can get the right tools and guidance from marketing experts. If you want to grow faster, it’s better to hire a marketing company to grow faster.

What is the best way to market a roofing company?

Branding your business is the best way to market your roofing company. Branding gives you loyal customers who recognize your brand and prefer it wherever it arises. In short, you want to create the customers that come back.

Using different marketing strategies can help you in effective branding. The strategies like PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, with other marketing strategies aid you in creating a positive image in your client’s mind.

How do I market my roofing company in less expensive ways?

Choosing the right strategies will help you make roofing marketing less expensive. Most of the time, advertising or promoting your business takes time, money, and effort.

By composing all of these elements, you can eventually figure out what is working for you and what is not. PPC and other paid ad strategies are the fastest way to create your brand’s image in your client’s mind.

But, these strategies can cost you more than social media, content, and email marketing. Like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, most social media platforms are free.

Plus, these social media platforms also provide you with the ads options, which makes advertising for you even more effective. Content and email marketing is another less expensive way to promote your business, which you can try.

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